Best Budgeting software to use in 2018

There have been many technological advances in the financial world, and budgeting software seek to make our life easier by helping us to manage our money in an organized way. They also provide us with the information and detail which is required to understand and analyse faster than any way we could have done earlier.  Here is a list telling you about the best budgeting software you could use in the current calendar year and it is grouped in such a way that helps you decide by what fits your style the best.

Envelope Budgeters anxious to go digital

There is a software by the name of Mvelopes which uses the same budgeting system of putting cash in envelopes before a pay period arrives, just like the much simpler times when the computer hadn’t arrived and taken hold. It labels each envelope for a discretionary expenditure or an individual bill and Mvelopes just let you do all this but on a fully digital platform. You also get to link bank and credit card accounts which would ultimately help you to put some money not just in the current Mvelopes but also in the future ones.


For those who like Zero-based budgeting

A software called You Need A Budget is custom made for those who are fans of the Zero-based budgeting principle. YNAB has an intent of providing every dollar a job. Orthodox people may not be able to work well with the YNAB system, as there must be a willingness to accept change and a certain amount of guaranteed involvement with finances as well.

These are the three rules that are also followed by YNAB:

  1. Roll with the punches
  2. Age your money
  3. Embrace your true expenses

These rules are essential to be followed by those who wish to pay off their debts, save some cash and as a result, do not have to live at the mercy of the next pay-check. The users of the system do agree and say that this system gives results as well. Although you get to download your transactions, there is no way you could track down the investments that you make.


For those who want it all

Quicken Premier 2018 can be easily called a well-rounded software for personal finance and budgeting. There are windows as well as Mac versions that are available and you can pick whichever version you are most comfortable with. It lets you create and follow the same budget, which in turn helps to add financial planning, debt reduction and retirement planning as well.


To track spending

An online budgeting and expenditure tracking software that can be used free of cost is Mint. You can track your bank accounts, investments as well as credit cards expenses using the intuit-owned software. You can always gain alerts which can be programmed for and you get to know if you’ve been spending more than you had planned for.