Understanding Poker: The Philosophy of Poker

Philosophy is the study of the ultimate causes of things using reason. It usually asks the questions of why and how. You might be wondering how philosophy can be related to poker or is there such thing as the philosophy of poker. If so, will it be about how poker comes into existence? Not necessarily. In this regard, it is to take a deeper look at how poker and philosophy would intertwine, at least in the human perspective of the player. Poker is a game of strategy and tactics which requires cunningness, knowledge and vast experience. If one has a Machiavellian-like strategy and a huge experience, one has a higher percentage of winning. But winning like any other human endeavor needs a sheer will and true grit. But how come this “will” become a bigger factor than strategy and tactics.

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The Human Will

¬†From the perspective of Arthur Schopenhauer, the primordial will drives the universe to exist. The will is an innate nature of a human person. It is the person’s driving force toward existence. It is human will which results in desire; the desire to achieve something, the desire to win.

Looking at poker, a player can put long hours of playing despite the losing streak. A player is willing to lose his bets to the point of putting himself to a debt trap. Poker gives a sense of thrill to the player, a thrill that challenges human thinking and emotional control, a thrill that sharpens decision making, a thrill that activates the human desire; the desire that triggers the human will. It is human nature to struggle, to challenge, and to overcome oneself with the struggles and challenges. It gives the person a sense of fulfillment. A fulfillment that quenches that human desire, that human will, and poker can somehow give that struggle, that desire, that fulfillment.

The Human Desire

The human desire to win in a poker game gives the person the grit to hone his skills in playing. Such honing does not limit only to the desire to win but also satisfying the human desire to be a master, to be able to control. This sets the person a goal that he can set for himself. However, the human will need a reason and in poker, the reason is the strategy and tactics along with game knowledge and experience. The cunningness, experience and are the driving factors of a player. But the human will drive and moves all these factors. A will-driven individual, no matter how challenging, how struggling, and how absurd it may get, can never be bent. In the long run, winning poker is not about sheer luck. It may be true for beginners, but it takes cunningness, emotional control, experience, and the ultimate will to win.

It is surprising how a simple game would greatly affect the inner human nature and how the human will unconsciously take a large part in playing poker. Now that you have looked a poker in a different perspective, test your will to win and visit poker deposit pulsa.